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With years of experience in the Forex market, Finsbridge assists you in becoming a successful Forex investor. We emphasize the positive aspects for all investors by providing them with our expert strategies and 24/7 backup support. We guarantee world-class service for our clients, ensuring they have a peaceful life where trading can always be considered a lifelong secondary source of income.

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Kickstart your copy trading journey at Finsbridge with as little as $1000, or its multiples. We provide access to a comprehensive trading history spanning the past one and a half years to gain valuable insights and make well-informed choices to select the traders to follow. Our services offer a reliable monthly profit ranging between 5-15%. Finsbridge, as a copy trading service provider, cannot assume liability for market volatility or unforeseen circumstances. We encourage our clients to be vigilant

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Master account appears in leaderboard where investors can find and subscribe by watching our statistics.

After subscription all new positions of masters will be copied to investors account.







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Zara FX

Zara FX is a licenced global trading broker offering a variety of account types, as well as competent trading software and tools, allowing individuals and institutions to trade Forex and derivatives online. Scalpx proudly partners with Zara FX to easily follow professional traders through copy trading, even if you have little market understanding.

We are now with

MultiBank is a global leader in online trading offering excellent trading conditions, advanced education, and the best trading tools in the forex industry.Scalpx copy trading can be easily accessed through an MultiBank account.

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